NN Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 14 oz Glass Jar - Non-GMO Verified
Cocopura - Premium Extra - Virgin Coconut Oil Made from coconut milk in a  14oz jar


Choose Cocopura Coconut Oil and experience the finest, most vital coconut oil there is. Our oil is processed on the same day the coconuts are picked on the same coconut plantation where they are harvested. It is cold-pressed with no fillers or preservatives to ensure the freshest, unadulterated extra virgin coconut oil experience.

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We are honored to bring you the purest raw organic extra virgin coconut oil on earth. Our oil is cold-pressed and filtered with no chemicals or preservatives added. The cold-pressing ensures that all enzymes, lauric acid and other nutrients are kept in tact so you receive the purest coconut oil possible. Coconut Oil is truly one of nature's gifts—widely used as a food product and skin moisturizer. Health-conscious individuals prize coconut oil for its extremely high flash point (all vital nutrients are retained when heated), delicious flavor, zero trans-fatty acids, and extremely rich source of Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCT's are broken down efficiently by the body, providing an immediate source of energy).

About Coconut Oil:

  • Aids in Weight Loss: Supports thyroid function, increases metabolism by removing stress on the pancrease and is rich in MCT's which help in taking off excess weight. Is also lower in calories than other fats.

  • Benefits Cardiovascular Health: Contains 50% lauric acid which helps in preventing heart problems, including high cholestorol and high blood pressure.

  • Boosts the immune system: Fights infections and boosts immunity due to antimicrobial lipids, lauric acids and capric acid which have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

    Supports tissue healing and repair: Reduces inflammation and supports the natural chemical balance of the skin.

  • Benefits bones and teeth: Improves calcium and magnesium absorption. Prevents periodontal disease and tooth decay. Helps prevent osteoporosis.

    Cocopura Coconut Oil:

  • Flavor: Entices with a sweet “coconutty” aroma. Boasts a delicate flavor so subtle that it is the perfect companion for any cuisine.

  • Production: Our oil is pressed from the milk of fresh organic coconuts. The vital nutrients are carefully preserved – oil is never subjected to temperatures above 115 °F.

  • Source: We source our Coconut Oil from Philippines on the same coconut plantation where they are picked.

  • Freshness: Our Coconut Oil is made to order, especially for Cocopura. It is extracted on site at the organic coconut plantation. (In comparison, much coconut oil is produced from coconuts that have molded in long-distance transportation to production facilities.)

  • Packing: Our Oil is hygienically packed on site at the plantation, locking in vital nutrients and preserving the fine quality.

  • Packaging: We use only the highest quality clear flint glass (14 oz), and non-leaching 1gal & 5 gal HDPE buckets.

  • Our Committment: Cocopura is a division of Vivapura: Pure Superfoods for Life - committed in every aspect to providing the most vital and respected products available.
  • Suggested Uses
    • Use as cooking oil for all of your favorite recipes to impart a subtle fresh coconut flavor to any dish.
    • Add to smoothies.
    • Add to raw cookies and desserts.
    • Use as a skin moisturizer as it contains proteins highly beneficial for human skin (and hair).

    Usage Tip: coconut oil begins to harden below 70℉. To melt, simply place in a food dehydrator, double boiler, or directly on the stove over low heat.

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