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Jungle Peanuts, Raw, Organic in an 8 oz package Wild Jungle Peanuts, 8 oz, Raw, Organic

These ancient, heirloom nuts are planted by hand, in pristine, untouched conditions deep in the Amazon Jungle. The cultivation and selling of these wild jungle peanuts and other organic certified products represents the Achuar Indians only income.

Retail Price $7.99
Organic Black Chia Seeds in a 1 lb package Black Chia Seeds, 16 oz, Raw, Organic

Black Chia Seeds are nature's perfect food! Boost stamina, hydration, and healthy fats with our favorite super seed.

Retail Price $9.99
Green Hemp Seed Meal, 16 oz, Raw, Organic

Get chlorophyll, protein, and essential fatty acids in one shot with our partially hulled and ground green hemp seeds.

Retail Price $10.99
Styrian Pumpkin Seeds in a 1/2 lb package Styrian Pumpkin Seeds, 8 oz, Raw, Organic

These unique Pumpkin Seeds are bigger and darker green than most.  They are an heirloom variety organically grown in the Styrian region of Austria. They create a rich creamy flavor in any dish.  Our favorite feature is that they make an incredible raw, vegan Caesar dressing.  A must have in your repertoire of whole raw foods!

List Price: $10.99
Retail Price $10.99
Raw Organic Pecan Pieces in a 1lb package Pecan Halves, 8 oz, Raw, Organic

Regardless of how you say it, "PEE-can," or "pa-KAWN,"  there is no debating the health benefits of this rich-tasting, versatile nut. Sweet, buttery and earthy, our petite Pecan Halves pack a great big taste.

Retail Price $14.99
Raw Organic Almond in a 1 lb package Almonds, 16 oz, Raw, Organic

These delicious Spanish Almonds are enzyme and nutrient rich.  They are truly raw, full of life force and are naturally tasty!!!

Retail Price $19.99
Raw Organic Cashews in a 16oz Package Cashews, 16 oz, Raw, Organic

Truly a sweet gift of Nature, our hand-shelled Raw Cashews are more vibrant, fresher and delectable than ever. They are certified organic for production and processing.  Creamy and delicious, they are the perfect base for desserts, smoothies or even decadent finger food.

Retail Price $21.99