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Contact us : : Phone: 877.787.6457 : Fax: 520.394.2050 

Shipping Address  : 320 Smelter Ave

Mailing Address     : P.O. Box 431 : 

City State Zip          : Patagonia, AZ. 85624

(In the Alley behind the Gathering Grounds, local coffee shop)

From Tucson: 

 Travel time from Tucson is a little over an hour.

 Take I-10 east.  

 Drive about 20 miles outside the Tucson limits. 

 Exit the Freeway at EXIT #281, also labeled as the "Sonoita/Patagonia" exit.   

 This exit will only allow you to go south on HWY 83.   

 Hwy 83 is a designated "Scenic Highway" and is an easy-to-drive mountain road. (Enjoy the beauty!)  

 Drive for about 25 miles on Hwy 83.    

 You will come to the first intersection, it is marked with a stop sign and a sign that indicates you are in the "town" of Sonoita. 

 At the stop sign, turn RIGHT onto Hwy 82.   

 Drive for 12 miles until you reach the Town of Patagonia. 

From Patagonia:

 Once in Patagonia, turn LEFT (south) onto 3rd Ave (intersection with the gas station and Patagonia Market)

 Go straight through the stop sign at Mckeown Ave.

 Take next RIGHT onto Smelter Ave (it is really a glorified "alley")

 The Vivapura Warehouse in on the Right - 320 Smelter Ave.