Organic Coconut Palm Sugar Coconut Palm Sugar, 16 oz, Organic

Coconut palm sugar nature's ideal low gycemic sweetner.
Produced from the sap of the Coconut tree.
Sap boiled, then dried and pulverized into a powder.

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Single Plantation, Certified Organic, Gelatinized Super Maca Maca, 8oz, Organic, Gelatinized

Single Plantation, Certified Organic, Gelatizined  Maca is prized, organic, raw, pure strain Maca from its native Peru.

Retail Price $14.99

Raw Organic Cashews in a 16oz Package Cashews, 16 oz, Raw, Organic

Truly a sweet gift of Nature, our hand-shelled Raw Cashews are more vibrant, fresher and delectable than ever. They are certified organic for production and processing. Creamy and delicious, they are the perfect base for desserts, smoothies or even decadent finger food.

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Vivapura CBD 1000mg oil CBD Oil 1000mg (15ml)

Vivapura's premium grade CBD Oil
100% non-psychoactive, contains 0.297% THC.

Retail Price $49.99

Jungle Peanuts, Raw, Organic in an 8 oz package Wild Jungle Peanuts, 8 oz, Raw, Organic

These ancient, heirloom nuts are planted by hand, in pristine, untouched conditions deep in the Amazon Jungle. The cultivation and selling of these wild jungle peanuts and other organic certified products represents the Achuar Indians only income.

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Spirulina Crunchies in a 4 oz package Spirulina Crunchies, 4oz, Raw, Wildcrafted

Love at First Bite! Experience for yourself our scrumptious Spirulina Crunchies - surely it will be love at first bite.

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Handcrafted Stone Ground Coconut Butter 16 oz Coconut Butter 16 oz, Raw, Organic

Raw comfort food!
Stone-ground from pure raw organic coconut.

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Savings: $6.00

Vivapura Raw Organic Cacao Butter Cacao Butter, Ceremonial Grade, 16 oz, Organic

Luxurious creamy butter from our prized Ecuadorian cacao beans.
Experience the delicate and rich chocolate aroma and flavor.

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Retail Price $20.99
Savings: $4.00

Raw Peanut Butter, Organic, Wild Jungle Peanut Butter, in a 9 oz jar Wild Jungle Peanut Butter, 9 oz, Raw, Organic, Stone Ground

Indulge in raw, stone-ground peanut butter handcrafted from an Ancient Amazon Heirloom Wild Jungle Peanut variety that is hand planted and cultivated by the Achuar Indians in Ecuador.

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Retail Price $14.99
Savings: $5.00

Raw Organic Pecan Pieces in a 1lb package Pecan Halves, 8 oz, Raw, Organic

Regardless of how you say it, "PEE-can," or "pa-KAWN," there is no debating the health benefits of this rich-tasting, versatile nut. Sweet, buttery and earthy, our petite Pecan Halves pack a great big taste.

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Savings: $3.00

Handcrafted Raw Organic Coconut Chips 8oz package Coconut Chips, 8 oz, Raw, Organic

Custom-made for Vivapura. Fresh cut and low temperature dried for pure vital coconut taste.

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Savings: $8.00

Organic Black Chia Seeds in a 1 lb package Black Chia Seeds, 16 oz, Raw, Organic

Black Chia Seeds are nature's perfect food!
Boost stamina, hydration, and healthy fats with our favorite super seed.

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Retail Price $9.99
Savings: $5.00

Raw Organic Nori Sheets quantity of 50 in a package Nori Sheets, 50 Sheets, Raw, Organic

Truly raw, certified organic Nori
Wild harvested in the mineral rich waters of Japan.
Taste the difference.

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Retail Price $27.99
Savings: $1.00

Raw Organic Vitality Super Mix in a 1/2 lb package Vitality Super Mix, Trail Mix, 8 oz, Raw, Organic

Vivapura Superfoods in one bag!
Vitality Super Mix is food for the adventure of life.

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Retail Price $10.99
Savings: $3.00

Raw Organic Inca Berries (Golden Berries) in a 1/2lbs package Golden Berries 8 oz, Raw, Organic

Inca Berries (Golden Berries) are rart, tangy, and plump -- experience nature's sweet and sour candy!

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Retail Price $11.99
Savings: $2.00


Vivapura Superfoods: Organic, Raw Healthy Proteins, Healing Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins & Vital Minerals

From savory nut butters like wild jungle peanut, pecan, and almond butter to jarrah bee pollen, vivapura offers a range of premium superfood options. Buy cbd oil, hemp seeds, nori sheets and cacao… all in one convenient and secure place. Ever wonder where to get spirulina crunchies and the finest bee pollen on earth? Look no further! We also have stone-ground nut butters and a variety of dehydrated fruits and berries, as well as unique and healthy trail mixes to choose from. non-gmo, usda organic and vegan, Vivapura fuels your body naturally with high-energy superfoods! Spreads, bars, nori rolls, soups, ice cream bars, cakes, dressings, dips, shakes, mousses, nut milks, and desserts… take a tempting time-out to watch chef Heather Pace use vivapura superfoods to make satisfying raw snacks and delicious vegan meals.

Special Message from Vivapura: Dedicated to our customers

Thank you for taking the time to visit We are all truly interconnected and witnessing the horrible spread of the novel corona virus “Covid-19” around the earth shows our true interdependency. We want you to know that we have procured the inventory to maintain orders throughout this natural disaster. We have implemented all of the CDC recommended guide lines and added even more protective measures to ensure our employees, products and shipping partners safety. As we service our wholesale and retail sales customers please stay safe, follow your state government guidelines and we will be here for all of your superfood needs.