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Add a Taste of the Tropics to your Favorite Recipes with Raw Organic Coconut

These delicious whole foods will add natural coconut flavor
and healthy dietary benefits to your meals

At Vivapura our extra virgin coconut oil is smooth & creamy. It’s mild taste, melts in your mouth and with a very low moisture contents it carries a long shelf life. Our extra virgin coconut oil is our signature product and it’s available by the gallon, as is our original stone-ground coconut creme. Our high in fiber raw organic coconut flour is not only low in carbohydrates but is also gluten-free!

Organic coconut foods are the perfect substitute for standard wheat flour in baking and thickening. We take great care in preserving the vital nutrients of our foods. Coconut is high in caprillic and lauric acid, and provides the healthy fat that is much needed and sought after in the vegan diet. In addition to our flour, crèmes, and coconut oil, we offer dried coconut in chips and soft snow-like flakes. Whether for its delightful flavor or array of health benefits we know our coconut products will become a staple in your healthy diet.

Eat healthier today with raw organic coconut products,