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Our Products Are All Organic, All Raw, And Provide You With Maximum Wellness Potential!

Superfoods Contain Healthy Proteins, Healing Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins, And Vital Minerals. Vivapura Superfoods Are Daily Fuel Your Body & Brain!

We Currently Offer 35+ Top-selling Superior Superfood Products:
Savory Stone-Ground Nut Butters Like Wild Jungle Peanut, Pecan, & Almond Butters, Premium Raw Nuts & Seeds; The Finest Bee Pollen On Earth From Ancient Forest Preserves, Organic Raw Cacao; Low-Glycemic Lucuma Sweetening Powder; Raw Olives And Nori Sheets; Top-Quality Chia Seeds; Truly All-Natural Dried Fruits & Berries; Coconut Products; Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Gluten-Fred Coconut Flour; A Unique & Healthy Variety Of Trail Mixes …& Much More!

Non-GMO Project Verified! It took us a bit of work, time, proof, and money, but we are so grateful to have associated with the “Non-GMO Products” verification program! This program is becoming widely known, and is one of North America’s only preventative food shopping labeling programs. At Vivapura, we support all the many food and beverage businesses, which monitor foods for your safety!

Cacao Pollen Powders
Rich & Delicate, Pure Organic Cacao at its Finest.
Use our Ecuadorian cacao to make your healthy eating sweeter with our crunchy nibs and creamy cacao paste.
more info
Vivapura offers the most amazing Bee Pollen! more info
Ahh . . .The ease of Superfood Powders.  Whether it is a supplement, seasoning, or thickener, Superfood Powders offer nutritious, easy-to-use, superfood essentials. more info
Sea Vegetables Spirulina Crunchies® Trail Mixes
Raw, Wild Harvested, Certified Organic from the Sea of Japan more info
Spirulina Crunchies® are the easiest and crunchiest way to enjoy Spirulina, the protein-packed fresh water blue-green algae. They will delight your pallet with a sweet-n-savory taste totally unique from other spirulina! more info
Vivapura's unique Trail Mixes are food for the adventure of life. Power your body & brain for the journey. Try all four delicious, satisfying blends of the world's finest whole, raw, organic foods and "fuel up" as nature intended - creating energy, stamina and clarity. Blaze your own trail! more info