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What Exactly Are Superfoods?
Defining a rEvolution
Superfoods (soo⋅per⋅füds, n): 1. Plant-based foods that boast extraordinary energizing and healing properties due to their abundance and density of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and other vital nutrients. 2. Something with outstanding qualities that sustains and stimulates the body, mind and soul (i.e.: love, sun, pure water, joy) 3. Foods that nourish Super Heroes, those who boldly dare to Be the Change they wish to see in the world.

What is a Superfood?
It is a super food! “Superfoods” are those plant-based foods that are considered the most nutritionally dense on the planet. They are indigenous and heirloom species that are grown in highly mineralized soils and irrigated with pure water. They are either organically cultivated in harmony with the Earth or wild-crafted from a fully intact native ecosystem. Superfoods boast specific, unique, concentrated, healing properties – antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, assimilable proteins, etc. - delivering unadulterated, high-level nutrients to the body in a way that is easily assimilable and immediately effective. It is recommended that you eat Superfoods in their live or raw state so that you receive the full benefit of their inherent nutrients and natural vitality.

Vivapura Superfoods are ALWAYS...
  • RAW. Unadulterated. Nutrient Dense. Vibrant Life Force.
  • ORGANIC or WILD-CRAFTED. In Harmony with Earth. Healing for People.
  • ETHICAL. Vegan. Sustainable. Fairly Traded.
What can Superfoods do for You?

Are you ready to have more energy, a clearer mind, and a more fine-tuned perception of your inner experience? One of the important keys to attaining this divine birthright is nutrition – how we fuel our lives.
When we give our body the super charged fuel that it needs to not only survive, but actually thrive, we begin to experience life as it was meant to be lived - Energized, Clear, and Radiant. Superfoods are an excellent step in transforming your lifestyle toward total well being and a key factor in sustaining your vitality.
Superfoods are so packed with the energy we are truly craving. By fueling our body with foods that offer a consistent source of long term energy, we are more supported to release old addictive food habits that were aimed at achieving high energy but eventually made us crash - you know the culprits - sugar and caffeine. End the cycle of unbalanced highs and unproductive lows forever!
Superfoods are the most effective way to achieve optimal nutrition and therefore your highest expression. Nourish and Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with abundance . . . and then witness who you become!

Bee Pollen: The Essence of Plants

Vivapura's "Top Ten Superfoods"
At Vivapura we have identified what we call the "Top Ten Superfoods." These are the foods that everyone can benefit greatly from, no matter what nutritional paradigm you practice or are evolving into. How can they help you increase your vitality, longevity and delight in life? The criteria is that they are whole, unprocessed, uniquely nutrient dense, palatable, and easy to incorporate into your diet.
If you are just beginning the journey of adding nutrient dense superfoods to your diet, this list can help you know where to begin. It is a powerful starting point, and don't hesitate to explore further and follow your nutrition intuition. We have included easy recipes on our Blog to help you get started using these unique ingredients. Or make it really easy to incorporate all the foods below by just blending most of them together in a smoothie. If you really want to understand the Top Ten Superfoods and how to use them . . .

Download our FREE E-BOOK: Vivapura's Top Ten Superfoods

This E-book has been created to support you in making these Top Ten Superfoods a potent and transformational part of your journey of health, well being and awakening. You will learn why each of these foods is so potent, the effect that they can have on your beingness, and how they can be incorporated into your diet, whatever your current dietary practices are. The brilliance of superfoods is that no matter where you are in your health continuum, they will support you in your own evolution . . . each and every day!