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So Many Nut Butters, All of the Time.

02-17-2022 01:21 PM By creative

Enzymatically Speaking, these Butters are Nuts!

Feel free to indulge even more.

Have you ever tried Sprouted Almond Butter that was so smooth and creamy you could literally pour it out of the jar? How about Wild Jungle Peanut Butter: a rich, delicious, raw peanut butter that doesn't cause inflammation and doesn't contain mold or aflatoxins? And Pecan Butter - with its silky, earthy, and delectably delicious flavor that you can't get enough of?
In creating our Nut Butters, we have taken Nature's raw, perfect protein and stone ground them into the most desirably delicious and nutritious version of themselves!
So, how does Stone Grinding make the difference? First, it enables us to keep the temperature low, preserving the raw integrity of the nut, it's precious enzymes and delicate nutrients that heat destroys, keeping the nutritional properties intact. Second, it allows us to create small batches by hand, allowing us to make sure that each and every butter we create is perfectly raw, smooth and incredible. You can taste the difference!
All of our Nut Butters are 100% raw. Raw nut butters have so many incredible health benefits. Here are a few of them:

1. Less Acidic

Our raw nut butters are carefully processed and our Almond Butter is even soaked and sprouted, which makes them less acidic by nature. All cooked foods, especially roasted nuts and oils, are highly acidic to the body. They can contribute to inflammation and even be hard to digest because they’re more acidic. Nuts and seeds contain delicate oils and fats that should optimally never be heated.

2. Easier to Digest

Because our raw nut butters are soaked and sprouted before processing, they’re much easier to digest too. All raw foods enhance enzyme production in the body that helps digest our food, while cooked food actually depletes these enzymes.

3. Milder in Taste

Most raw nut butters are much milder in taste. We find this preferable since they’re slightly sweeter and pair well with other foods much better without being overwhelmingly strong in taste. Our raw sprouted almond butter and cashew butter are two great examples of raw nut butters that taste a bit sweeter than roasted varieties.

4. Less Ingredients

Look at the ingredients on most roasted nut butters. You’ll likely see some type of oil - usually palm oil, along with salt and some type of sugar like evaporated cane syrup or juice, evaporated cane sugar, or coconut sugar. The less ingredients in your nut butter, the better. Think about it - you wouldn’t eat a handful of almonds and add oils, salt, and sugar to them, would you? Then why choose nut butter that have the added ingredients in them? Our raw nut butters contain just the nuts and a sprinkle of Himalayan Sea Salt, which is the only ingredients they should contain since they’re already so calorie dense.

5. Less Likely to Cause Weight Gain

While all nut butters can cause you to gain weight if you overeat them, raw varieties in small servings are less likely to cause weight gain than roasted ones will. Raw foods are much more friendly to the metabolism since they can be used for immediate energy and don’t require as much digestion as cooked foods.

6. Higher Quality

Quality nut butters are not made by companies like Jif and Skippy. Even more "natural" companies like Justin’s use additional salt and sugar in their nut butters. Our Nut Butters are the highest quality you will find on the market.

7. Less Addictive

Foods that combine sugar, salt, and fat in one product are extremely addicting and can trigger overeating. Since most roasted nut butters have added salt, sugar, and fat from some type of source, they’re very easy to overdo. Our raw nut butters contain just the nuts themselves and a tiny amount of mineral-rich salt, so you will not be as likely to keep eating them when you’ve had enough.

"With the proper diet, no doctor is necessary. With the improper diet, no doctor can help." -Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Our Nut Butter Lineup:

Vivapura Styrian Pumpkin Butter

"A one-of-a-kind, Vivapura original."

Vivapura Pecan Butter

"Rich, deep, earthy, silky, savory, mmmm."

Vivapura Sesame Tahini

"A hand-crafted traditional staple for your healthy kitchen."

Vivapura Almond Butter

"Our specialty: sprouted and raw!"

Vivapura Wild Jungle Peanut Butter

"Your healthy alternative to traditional peanut butter."

Vivapura Cashew Butter

"Hand-shelled. Really raw. Creamy. Sweet."

Vivapura Sesame Tahini Gallon

"Tahini is Bae."

Stone Ground in Small Batches

"Not Responsible for Obsession!"

This blog post was created with love by Cassandra Elaine, Vivapura Superfood Artist
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