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Reasons Why Should You Add Natural Organic Cacao Nibs to Your Diet

02-25-2022 01:11 AM By DG

While you are keen to lead a healthy lifestyle, it becomes somewhat difficult to stay away from chocolates. What if there was a way around where you will never have to worry about your sweet intake? It is here that you can consider cacao nibs. Being an alternative to chocolate, cacao nibs can satiate your cravings for sweets.

Don’t you think natural organic cacao nibs look like an excellent choice? If you have not yet tested cacao nibs, it means you are not familiar with how good they can be.


What are Cacao Nibs – Are They Really That Good?  

While raw cacao lacks any sugar, they certainly have a chocolatey but bitter taste. Being the purest form of chocolate, cacao nibs are relatively less processed than your regular chocolate bar. 


The best part of cacao nibs is you can have them in many ways. You can have them raw or add them to your favorite trail mix. For those who prefer a bit of chocolate in their morning shake, they can add a handful of cacao nibs as a substitute for chocolate. 


Being rich in magnesium, cacao nibs may help to promote muscle and nerve function. Cacao nibs also come loaded with iron, one of the key minerals that improve RBC or red blood cell production, and antioxidants to absorb the free radicals in your body. 


If being an alternative to chocolate was not enough, this superfood does come with its own fair share of benefits, like assisting you in reducing your weight. From all accounts, adding cacao nibs to your diet can be fruitful, provided you are making a conscious effort to do the hard yards in the gym. It is all about your intention and focus. 


Should You Raw and Organic Cacao Nibs from Viva Pura?  

At Viva Pura, the raw and organic cacao nibs are produced from the Ariba Nacional Variety of Cacao beans., which are further sourced from our organic farm in Peru. Further, the raw cacao is grown in native soil without using any chemicals, fertilizers, or herbicides. The cacao is further handled with great care and precaution, and dried under 118 degrees, and has a very low fermentation. In short, you can rely on our high-quality product that is further delivered right to your home. 

If needed, you can also source sun-dried fruits and other superfoods from us at Viva Pura. If you are interested and wish to know more, feel free to visit our website. Thanks

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