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Simple Dark Chocolate Bars - Raw, Vegan, Keto

02-14-2018 10:08 AM By Superfoodie

This recipe is super simple, I promise. Many people stray away from making their own homemade chocolate because it seems and looks complicated. Many chocolatiers tend to scare the average home chef that chocolate needs many varying degrees of temperature, special tools, and expensive equipment. True, if you want to make boutique quality chocolate, you can invest the time and energy into those things. OR you can make your own at home and experience the joy homemade chocolate brings. Here are just some of the benefits making your own chocolate brings:
  • You control what's in it - no fillers, processed sugars, or sugar alcohols
  • Your house will smell AMAZING
  • You save money - organic chocolate bars can range up to $6-8! You can make yours for around $2-4
  • You know that it is TRULY organic, raw, and has all the amazing nutrients you want in chocolate
  • You get to lick the bowl - ya this is a major bonus!
  • You can be picky - you want extra vanilla chocolate? Done! You want salt crystals? Sprinkle away! You want CBD chocolates? Bring on the healing!

Simple Dark Chocolate Bars (RAW, VEGAN, KETO)

1 cup Cacao Paste, melted1/2 cup Cacao Butter, melted1/4 cup Coconut Sugar, GROUND (add more if you like sweet chocolate vs. dark) OR Stevia (for a more keto version)2 tsp. Vanilla Extract1/4 tsp. Mineral Sea Salt


  1. Shred or chopped cacao butter and paste and transfer to a DRY glass bowl. It is crucial that no water gets in your chocolate, even a drop can seize the chocolate and ruin it.
  2. Melt by placing in a dehydrator or in a double boiler on the stove on low heat.
  3. Once paste and butter are melted, transfer all ingredients to a DRY high-speed blender. Blend until smooth and slightly warm  (this will help temper the chocolate)
  4. Pour into chocolate molds.
  5. Let set up in the fridge for 30 minutes. Do not freeze, this will give your chocolate a white spotty look. Remove from molds and enjoy!
As an extra special addition, I topped mine with the Buddha's Delight Trail Mix- hence the goji berry floating in the background :) A trick for cleaning your blender - heat 1-2 cups water and pour into the blender. Blend on high until sides of the blender are clean. Pour into a mug and enjoy your hot chocolate!NOTE: If you want a crunch on the inside of your chocolate but not visible on the outside, pour your trail mix of choice in your molds first.


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