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Now this is truly a treat for everyone (even if you have glycemic issues). Being in Patagonia near the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, one gets quite familiar with the low glycemic lifestyle and the potentially harmful effects of eating a high glycemic diet. The Tree has made such an impact heali...
06.02.2012 09:00 AM - Comment(s)
Today, I have a bonus recipe for you! :)PIZZA!This raw food recipe was yet ANOTHER hit here at the VP warehouse.I wanted to share with you how one recipe can be used for MANY things!So, here's another way to use that yummy cashew cheeze we made last time.... Watch the video here:There are many varia...
05.31.2011 03:06 PM - Comment(s)
I promised you Kale Chips... And here they are!Oh my goodness these were soooo good! Find out how to make these munch-a-licious 'chip' substitutes here:Following on from a popular Cashew Cheeze recipe (watch it here: ...learn how to take this cheeze to the...
05.31.2011 02:42 PM - Comment(s)
What better way to celebrate the arrival of the summer sun than with some snow?!  Well a snow cake actually!! ;) Being from Scotland, I am well used to a lot of snow! So, being here in Arizona I am LOVING the sun shine!This weekend I decided to celebrate by making one of my favorite recipes......
05.03.2011 01:13 PM - Comment(s)
When the world is in such turbulant times, it's easy to start to feel a bit down or deflated... ... who ever we are we all have our "...what is the point in all of this?" moments... Now, that's a pretty big question! Nobody has 'The Answer'... so don't beat yourself up about any of it... ...
03.28.2011 05:47 PM - Comment(s)
Ladies and Gentlemen! We have waited long enough! ... Jarrah is back! Before I go into the details, let me set the scene a little... When I was living back in Scotland, I heard about this incredible bee pollen from Australia. Apparently it came from a million acre natural preserve of Jarrah trees, ...
03.11.2011 12:27 PM - Comment(s)
Today we have a great guest post from Andrea McNinch of Regeneration Raw. She is starting a great Raw Teacher's Certification Program which will have trainings around the country. Get more information on her program here. As an almost graduated student of Gabriel Cousens, M.D., live-vegan food nutri...
03.02.2010 05:38 PM - Comment(s)
Periodically I receive a recipe from a customer, friend, employee or random stranger. Today we have a recipe from Eva Chrostowski who follows a Phase 1 Low-Glycemic diet. She's sharing one of her favorite smoothies with us today. This smoothie is a great source of vegan Omega 3 & 6 without the h...
01.25.2010 02:04 PM - Comment(s)
Incredible Keto Cashew Spice Milk
11.04.2009 05:03 AM - Comment(s)



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