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Today, I have a bonus recipe for you! :)PIZZA!This raw food recipe was yet ANOTHER hit here at the VP warehouse.I wanted to share with you how one recipe can be used for MANY things!So, here's another way to use that yummy cashew cheeze we made last time.... Watch the video here:There are many varia...
05.31.2011 03:06 PM - Comment(s)
I promised you Kale Chips... And here they are!Oh my goodness these were soooo good! Find out how to make these munch-a-licious 'chip' substitutes here:Following on from a popular Cashew Cheeze recipe (watch it here: ...learn how to take this cheeze to the...
05.31.2011 02:42 PM - Comment(s)
To continue with the simplicity theme...(and another handy excuse to play with some more of our new cashew nut butter...!)I decided it was time to share this amazingly yummy cashew nut cheese recipe with you all!Check out the video to find out how to make this simple yet satisfying recipe: http://ww...
05.12.2011 05:37 PM - Comment(s)
I noticed my last few posts had featured recipes that were kinda complicated!Funny, because I'm really quite a simple kinda girl!In fact my motto in life is to,keep it simple, keep it sweet!So, this week I'm sharing a super simple, taste-bud-blowing recipe.This recipe is perfect as a starter to a me...
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Everybody is talking about Elixirs these's becoming a big trend to cram as many herbs or super-foods into your blender and call it the elixir of life!...but what if you don't have a blender? Or what if you just need a little bite sized boost of Elixir goodness?

I was super excited when Eke...
04.12.2011 04:56 PM - Comment(s)
What more can you do with one of our yummy trail mixes...... other than munch on it as you hike the nearest  mountain?!MAKE FUDGE of corse!I love the word sounds just the way as it is supposed to taste!FUDGE...Thick and chewy and full of flavor.Here's a great excuse to try out my fav...
04.07.2011 11:01 AM - Comment(s)
When the world is in such turbulant times, it's easy to start to feel a bit down or deflated... ... who ever we are we all have our "...what is the point in all of this?" moments... Now, that's a pretty big question! Nobody has 'The Answer'... so don't beat yourself up about any of it... ...
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