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Contact us : info@vivapura.net : Phone: 877.787.6457 : Fax: 520.394.2050
Shipping Address : 320 Smelter Ave., Patagonia, AZ, 85624
Mailing Address : P.O. Box 431, Patagonia, AZ, 85624

We are In the Alley behind the Gathering Grounds, local coffee shop.

From Tucson:
  • Travel time from Tucson is a little over an hour.
  • Take I-10 east.
  • Drive about 20 miles outside the Tucson limits.
  • Exit the Freeway at EXIT #281, also labeled as the "Sonoita/Patagonia" exit.
  • This exit will only allow you to go south on HWY 83.
  • Hwy 83 is a designated "Scenic Highway" and is an easy-to-drive mountain road. (Enjoy the beauty!)
  • Drive for about 25 miles on Hwy 83.
  • You will come to the first intersection, it is marked with a stop sign and a sign that indicates you are in the "town" of Sonoita.
  • At the stop sign, turn RIGHT onto Hwy 82.
  • Drive for 12 miles until you reach the Town of Patagonia.
From Patagonia:
  • Once in Patagonia, turn LEFT (south) onto 3rd Ave (intersection with the gas station and Patagonia Market)
  • Go straight through the stop sign at Mckeown Ave.
  • Take next RIGHT onto Smelter Ave (it is really a glorified "alley")
  • The Vivapura Warehouse in on the Right - 320 Smelter Ave.
  • Welcome!