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Meet our CEO ( Chieftain of Excitement and Opportunity): Christopher Cowen is one of the co-founders and the mastermind behind the nationally branded product lines Cocopura and Vivapura. He has been involved in the Superfood world for over 10 years. Christopher brings a strong knowledge and ability to source unique heirloom varieties of superfoods from all over the world. He's also responsible for formulating our unique line of trail mixes, nut butters, coconut cremes and chaparral coconut oil.

Its all started back in 2004 with an idea to start selling a pure ,raw, organic, fair trade coconut oil under the brand name Cocopura. Christopher teamed up with raw food guru David Wolfe and his company, Natures First law now known as Sunfood Nutrition to become the nationwide distributor. Cocopura has also been endorsed by author Sally Fallon from The Weston Price Foundation, from which Christopher has personally attended and demonstrated at many of their events.

The Vivapura product line has been endorsed by medical doctors such as Gabriel Cousins from The Tree of Life Foundation for its high vibrational qualities. The Vivapura and Cocopura product lines are now available nationally at Whole Foods Markets and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage.

Christopher Cowen personally uses all of the products that we sell. Our friendly staff is knowledgeable and here to assist you on your superfood path!

Christopher Cowen

Meet our SEO Techspert: Jason Uccetta has been Vivapura's techspert since 2011. Loving on Vivapura’s divine nutrition since 2010. Jason utilizes inherent technical expertise and a deep relationship with healthy, ethical superfoods. Working in numerous careers Jason has brought more to Vivapura than just a click of a website. Focused on creating search engine optimization (SEO) and wonderful user interface (UI) on Vivapura’s web-store. Jason strives to create the perfect marriage from ethical superfoods to simple technology in order for each customer to place accurate orders, while maintaining proper inventory, shipping and delivery. Driving the knowledge of Vivapura to Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Markets and promoting our online store. Jason Loves Vivapura ~ Long Live Pure. Follow me on Linkedin
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Meet Chef Heather Pace: “Chef Heather Pace’s passion for food led her to the completion of a two year culinary school program at the age of 21. She works with Vivapura to create delicious new vegan recipes with our ingredients! Heather utilizes her valuable skills and experience to create healthy vegan and raw vegan versions of traditional foods. Heather has worked in various restaurants, bakeries, and as a personal chef. She is the author of seven raw dessert E-Books, she owns a raw dessert and chocolate company, teaches raw food classes, and works as a certified yoga instructor. Find her books and recipes at SweetlyRaw.com.”

Meet Alicia: “Hi! My name is Alicia and I am the office manager at Vivapura. When you call in and have questions about the products, or how to order them, you’ll be talking with me! I like telling people about all the delicious ways to include Vivapura ingredients. I love my job because of the dynamic environment and opportunity to learn about the natural foods industry. I enjoy talking to different people, working with retail stores, and meeting the customers who walk-in to our warehouse. I stumbled upon Vivapura through a friend of mine and i feel that Vivapura has or will change all of us, in one way or another.”