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Golden Berries, Raw, Organic, 8 oz

Goldenberries aka Incan Berry or Gooseberry
Sweet, Sour and Tangy offer a rare flavor all enjoy.
Grown in Peru in pristine nature by local farmers.
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    Golden Berries, Raw, Organic
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    DGO-CVF-CVF-2108111 - 08/2023
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Golden Berries, Raw, Organic, 8 oz
Golden Berries, Raw, Organic, 8 oz
Golden Berries, Raw, Organic, 8 oz
Golden Berries, Raw, Organic, 8 oz
Golden Berries, Raw, Organic, 8 oz
Product Details
Goldenberries are dubbed Nature's sweet-n-sour candy because each bite bursts in your mouth with a tangy zing that is reminiscent of tart citrus. Our Goldenberries are particularly plump and delectable. You will love to see the delightful pucker on your friends' faces when you share Goldenberries with them for the first time. They are so unique and refreshing that you will be glad you have an entire bag to share and enjoy!
The Goldenberry is also known as Incan Berry, Gooseberry, Cape Gooseberry, and Ground Cherry. Closely related to the Tomatillo, the fruit is a small, round, marble-sized berry with tiny yellow seeds. Bright yellow-orange when ripe, the color deepens to gold when they are sun-dried. Native to high altitude tropical Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru (where these little beauties are from).

Suggested Uses

  • Add to breakfast meals for a tart vitiman C wake up flavor
  • Include in smoothies on unlock more texture and sweetness
  • Use in deserts for a one of a kind superfood sour finish.
  • Simply eat as a snack food.

Golden Berries
  • Raw Unpasteurized -
    Food products ensure all of the enzymes are still available in their highest concentrations.
  • Keto -
    Adding superfoods to your diet helps to maintain high ketones health benefits, mental focus energy.
  • Heirloom -
    Traditional variety of plant which is not associated with large-scale commercial agriculture.
  • Vegan -
    We offer the rarest products for specialists of a plant based lifestyle. Vegan is Vivapura.
  • Fresh Production -
    Our business is based on ensuring your order is freshly packed and contains the highest nutrients
  • USDA Organic -
    We are driven to offer the best USDA certified organic products and offer certificate of analysis.
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