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Manucca Raisins, Raw, Organic, 16 oz

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Manucca aka Monukka Raisins
NEW LOT as of 11/11/22
Direct from the high mountains of Uzbekistan.
Caramel like flavor with an edible seed.
Delicious, Ancient, Nourishing, Sun Dried, Keto Friendly
Vivapura Superfoods Certifications
Manucca Raisins, Raw, Organic, 16 oz
Manucca Raisins, Raw, Organic, 16 oz
Monukka Raisins, Raw, Organic, 16 oz
Manucca Raisins, Raw, Organic, 16 oz
Manucca Raisins, Raw, Organic, 16 oz
Product Details
Plump, organic, non-hybridized, edible seeded raisins. Enormous compared to conventional raisins, these chewy raisins have a healthy apricot-color glow and distinctive flavor. They will quickly become a favorite! Our Manucca aka Monukka  Raisins are an heirloom variety from old growth vines. In fact you will certainly notice the seeds within the flesh. This is a crunchy reminder that all life begins from the seed. Embrace nature's way.
  • Eat anytime as an incredible dried fruit snack. Flavor profile has a sweet raisin notes with a caramel finish. Incredible snack of the central Asian Continental Steppe areas.
  • Blend into smoothies as a lower glycemic Medjool date substitute. Seed can be blended because it
  • Soak raisins in a bowl of warm water to rehydrate and make plump again. Pop into your water for a rich caramel sweet superfood crunch as you drink or add to sparkling water and get that cola nut flavor naturally.
  • A plump, raw, non-hybridized seeded organic, air-dried fruit from central Asia the would be found in markets in Asian Continental Steppe areas.
  • Useful for managing constipation, helps to control acidity due to its cooling property and effective cough suppressant properties.
  • Seeded Raisins means these raisins have seeds in them. You can eat the seeds, and you should eat the seeds. They're good for you! Raisins that do not have seeds are hybridized. Our Manucca Raisins seeds are edible, crunchy and healthy. Enjoy
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  • Heirloom -
    Traditional variety of plant which is not associated with large-scale commercial agriculture.
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    Adding superfoods to your diet helps maintain high ketones health benefits, mental focus and energy.
  • Raw Unpasteurized -
    Food products ensure all of the enzymes are still available in their highest concentrations.
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