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Cashew Butter or Peanut Butter : Deciding what's best

02-21-2023 01:33 PM By Superfoodie


Peanuts without the allergies

Vivapura imports and offers the finest wild jungle peanuts and stone ground wild jungle peanut butter in the USA.  These hardy little legumes give a peanut like flavor while being raw and never roasted.  If you want a peanut like flavor with no allergy issues, packed with protein and amazing flavor.

Stone Ground Raw Cashew Butter is a creamy food spread made from raw hand shelled cashew nuts. This spread is made from only ivory colored hand shelled whole raw organic cashews making unmatched thick and rich . The cashew nuts are first roasted or baked to bring out the flavor. They are then ground up and blended until it becomes smooth enough to spread.

While cashew nuts are not natively grown in the United States, American Dream managed to secure ethical and responsible distribution partners. This means that every tub of cashew nut butter from American Dream is still made to the same high standard.

This direct relationship with cashew farms allows American Dream to produce high-quality nut butter without any added fillers or preservatives.


While there are different brands and flavors of cashew butter available, our raw stone ground nut butters are all gluten-free, keto, paleo, low carb, high in protein, and never heated. According to the USDA, here’s the nutritional information of standard cashew butter.
Amount: 100 grams
Total fat: 49 grams (75%)
Sodium: 406 milligrams (50%)
Potassium: 546 milligrams (15%)
Carbohydrates: 28 grams (9%)
Protein: 18 grams (36%)

Vitamins and Minerals
Raw Stone Ground Cashew butter is also packed with amazing vital vitamins. Some of the vitamins and minerals you can expect in 100 grams of raw stone ground cashew butter as a percentage of what you’re supposed to have daily.
Vitamin C: 0%
Iron: 27%
Vitamin B6: 15%
Magnesium: 64%
Calcium: 4%
Vitamin D: 0%
Cobalamin: 0%
Raw Stone Ground Hand Shelled Cashew Butter is a great alternative for people that are allergic to peanuts. In addition to that, it also comes with its own unique benefits. Here are some of the most notable benefits of including cashew butter in your diet.
1. Source of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
Hand Shelled Cashew nuts are incredibly nutritious. These nuts don’t have any omega-3 fatty acids but do contain a wide array of essential amino acids and monounsaturated fatty acids. These acids are great at improving your bone density, blood pressure, and metabolism.
Meaning that if you’re looking for something low-calorie to boost your overall immune system, Raw Stone Ground Hand Shelled Cashew Butter may be an option for you. Hand Shelled Cashew are also naturally filling, making them a great snack to help manage your weight during the day.
2. No Peanuts
While cashew butter is made to have a similar taste and texture to peanut butter, it does not contain any peanuts. This is great for people that may want the benefits of peanut butter in their diets but are allergic to them.
Hand Shelled Cashew nuts are still rich in the same vitamins, minerals, and fats as peanut butter. This means that you will be able to get most of the benefits of peanut butter in a safe and healthy way.
As one of the most popular food spreads out there, peanut butter is made from ground, roasted (NEVER RAW) peanuts. The roasting process helps to bring out the flavor of the peanuts before they are ground up and blended to a smooth consistency. Peanut butter can also come in a variety of textures, with chunky peanut butter having small pieces of roasted peanuts mixed into the spread.
Vivapura will never touch or use peanuts in anything we offer.  They never enter our certified organic warehouse and we will never have cross contamination issues.  Dry roasted peanuts are used to make peanut butter. This roasting process is used to keep the peanut flavor consistent without the need for added preservatives. This is not what Vivapura believes is the best way to eat nut butters.  ONLY RAW STONE GROUND NUT BUTTERS are sold by Vivapura because we believe in superfoods in their raw form.
The only wild jungle peanuts are used by Vivapura and are also sourced directly from farms around Ecuador.  In this way, Vivapura is able to make sure every jar of wild jungle peanut butter is consistent and up to its high standards.
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