OMG!!! Jarrah is back!!!

03.11.2011 12:27 PM By Giasonne

Ladies and Gentlemen! We have waited long enough! ... Jarrah is back! Before I go into the details, let me set the scene a little... When I was living back in Scotland, I heard about this incredible bee pollen from Australia. Apparently it came from a million acre natural preserve of Jarrah trees, it was then hand harvested by aboriginal descendants. I was watching YouTube one evening and stumbled across this video: Bee Pollen is one of the top 5 foods I eat. Not just for the beautiful sweet and diverse tastes you can find from different kinds, but also for it's insane level of nutrition in just one dessert spoon. Me and my partner practically live off bee pollen! We have tried many kinds; from fresh French chestnut bee pollen right through to the Canadian wild flower dried variety... we are pollen connoisseurs to say the least! ...So as you can imagine we were seriously desperate to get our hands on a bag of these new golden nuggets! I can honestly say, when we received our first shipment of Jarrah Bee Pollen from VivaPura we were blown away SPEECHLESS! This pollen had a flavor like no other we had ever tried, sweet, crunchy and divine. Not only does it taste amazing but we could literally feel the life force flood in with every mouth full. We were not alone... and don't just take my word for it, check out what Gabriel Cousins, director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center has to say about this outstanding super-food... Pretty quickly, Jarrah Bee Pollen became more and more famous across the world. So much so that customers were restricted to only 1 bag a month! Way back when I was living in the UK, little did I know I would be working for the company that actually supplies Jarrah to the world! Me and Steve used Jarrah as staple food for our flight over here! We were so protective over our supplies that we even pretended to the airport staff it was kids cereal just in case they didn't let us through!!! (introducing super-foods to the world is a slow process!) However, when we finally arrived here in Patagonia, the supplies of Jarrah were long gone :( Even with the careful restrictions in place, people from all over the world were ordering from what was already a limited supply. So, we continued to wait patiently for the update on the next years harvest, had the tree bloomed? ...and in January of this year we were given the great news, the trees HAD bloomed and although supplies were again limited, VivaPura could expect there pollen some time in early spring! :) So, this week all of us here at the VivaPura warehouse have been working towards being able to offer all of our loyal customers the chance to PRE-ORDER theirs... AND, for this month only (until the end of March) we are offering the chance to secure not just one but TWO BAGS per customer! So, it gives me great pleasure to be able to announce this exciting news to all our blog readers out there... Don't forget, supplies are limited. Pre-order yours now... HERE If you have any questions about bee pollen, check out the link below and scroll down to the FAQ's where we have masses of information on this super powerful protein rich and vegan food: ------> Click here for more info <-------
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