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Organic, Non-GMO, Truly Raw Nuts & Seeds

Sweet certified organic cashews, omega 3-filled chia seeds & truly raw almonds provide healthy natural fats and proteins

Our fresh & nutritious raw nuts and raw seeds are harvested, packaged, and delivered with all the love and attention to quality that you've come to expect from Vivapura.

From our wild peanuts to our partially hulled green hemp seed meal, to Styrian pumpkin seeds and naturally sweet organic pecan halves, Vivapura has a range of healthy raw nut and seed varieties to help maintain those good natural proteins and fats. Add our black chia seeds to your smoothies to enhance stamina and increase hydration. Just more amazing examples of what Mother Nature has given us to sustain a healthy body and mind with some indulgently satisfying perks. Mix any of our nuts and seeds with some of our other Superfoods to customize your favorite trail mix ingredients and take your Superfoods on the go.

Eat healthier today with raw organic nuts and seeds,